Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

That’s a big room full of YEP. Letting Tracy or Phil from marketing, or worse yet, HR, become the “voice” of the company is, well…..frightening to consider. You know what they’re like….

Absolutely! I’m very flexible and can work within your budget to come up with a monthly figure that meets your needs, as well as getting you the consistently great creative work your company and business deserves. Long term relationships are golden in this industry and I definitely seek these types of partnerships out.

The easiest way is to just send me the script. If I’m developing the script for you (which I can do!), then we should plan to speak via Zoom or by phone to discuss the project. Voiceover estimates work best when you send me the script to evaluate, but if you don’t have one of those yet, give me your best guess as to the projected length. Other details I’ll need include:

  • What’s the voiceover going to be used for? (social media, web, radio, internal training videos, etc…)
  • Tone of voice you need for the project (authoritative, goofy, energetic…).
  • If you are using it for radio or television, how long will the ad be running?
  • What file type do you need, and what is your time frame?

Request a Quote here.

I use WeTransfer to send the files, unless you have a specific preference or dropbox, and I can send MP3, WAV or PK.

Each project is treated as uniquely as the company or person it comes from. Reach out and let me know if you have a project you’d like to discuss, and I promise to come up with a good average price sure to not tax your budget. 

When you ask me to self-produce, you are basically asking me to record the project, edit it, and send it to you for approval. You also have the choice of working with me in tandem as I record the project for you “live”. This allows you to give me direction as the project unfolds and is referred to as Live Directed.

If you ask me to self direct/self-produce then typically I record a small portion of the script, then send it to you for feedback. Once you respond then I’ll redo it, if requested, and send the sample by email to you. Once you okay the sample, I’ll proceed with the rest of the project and get it to you quickly (often within 48 hours).

Keep in mind, if you want to have a live directed session, then I do not do much editing other than taking out our conversations during the session. You then edit the file for production on your own.

No problem! I’m happy to provide you with a sneak peek. All I’ll need from you is a small excerpt from the script, the way you’d like it to sound, and then I produce the sample. I do also have many samples already done that you can review, in a wide range of styles.

If the revisions are small and requested within a day of receipt of the final files, then there is no charge. Larger revisions, such as a total script re-write, will basically count as a completely new project and you’ll be charged as if we started a new project at the same price.

I wouldn’t charge you for something you didn’t like and didn’t intend to use. However, I can tell you that this has never happened. I work extremely hard to accommodate the sound and style you are looking for. 

The legendary Chuck McKibben (who did the audio engineering in Hollywood for decades) assisted me in constructing a dynamic Behringer Multigate interfaced through a Behringer mixer (2 in 2 out). I’m able to achieve a noise floor to rival big dollar studios at a -90db. My mic is an Audio-Technica AT875R Line and Gradient Condenser Shotgun Microphone that is also run through the mixer. It virtually eliminates the need for a pop filter or wind sock. I record using Adobe Audition, and my studio is hardwired for internet, so even in the middle of classic Florida tropical storms, I am still connected and working.

I have been super lucky in that I live on the edge of a state forest in Florida, so it is extremely quiet here (unless you count the early morning herons screaming at each other). My studio is a custom-built space with 2” acoustic treatment throughout the room, and carpet on the floor. I swear it’s also a time capsule, because when I go in there, time flies!

I can connect by Source Connect Standard, Skype, phone or through AnyDesk. If you have a preference for another type of program let me know….I’m a quick study!